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Mobile Grooming Services

Luxury Grooming Packages

Bath Service

  • Bath
  • Blow Dry
  • Nail Trim
  • Brushing
  • Trim Sanitary Areas
  • Paw Pads

Full Groom

  • Bath
  • Blow Dry
  • Nail Trim
  • Brushing
  • Trim Sanitary Areas
  • Paw Pads
  • Full Hair Cut

Spa Services

  • Tear Stain Scrub $5
  • Deep Conditioning $10
  • Tooth Brushing $10
  • Nail Grinding $15 (Nail clipping included in grooming)

*Above Services Free to Trial

*Ask about our CBD products!


If you maintain a regular schedule of every 1 or 2 weeks,

you will receive these FREE services with EVERY groom!



Keep it classy by having your haircuts

and your breath always super fresh!



Stay so fresh and so clean by

keeping up on oral hygiene!

Mobile In-Home Grooming Services

Luxury Groomer offers private in-home grooming services, and we are dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction with our excellent quality in-home pet care. Our goal is to create a fun, clean, enjoyable spa atmosphere in the comfort of your home.

Our professional private mobile grooming staff is well equipped to satisfy even the most challenging grooms. We use proven grooming techniques to safely bathe and groom your pet. Whether your furry friend just needs to be freshened up or you want that perfect cut for your show dog, you can rest assured they will look their best!

Below you will find a breakdown of the dog grooming services we offer in Manhattan, Jersey City and Parts of Brooklyn.

Full Service Private Grooming

Full Bath

Removes dirt and odor to keep your fur baby happy and smelling good. We use the finest quality shampoos for every type of skin and coat type.

This helps to maintain natural skin oils and ensures that the coat stays lustrous and soft for days and days. Bathing also helps to reduce shedding by removing dead skin cells and hair.

Blow Dry

Blow drying helps to fluff up coats, and jump-starts the de-shedding process! On curly haired dogs such as poodles, blow drying really helps to straighten out their coat, making it easier to manage.

Blow drying your dog is safe and important, both to prevent hot spots and to avoid runaway hair styles.


When we brush your dog, it removes dead hair, distributes natural oils for a clean and healthy coat, stimulates the surface of the skin, and helps to gets rid of dead and dry skin.

You should brush your dog every couple of days so it doesn’t become knotted or matted. Your dog will thank you for keeping a regular brushing schedule.

Nail Trim

Keeping your dog’s nails at an appropriate length isn’t only about looks, it can actually affect their overall health and daily comfort when walking around. We will trim your dogs nails to the perfect length for health and comfort. We offer nail grinding for an even smoother finish.

Nails that have grown too long may split and break, which can be painful, lead to an infection, become caught in carpets or other surfaces.

Trim Sanitary Areas

Your dog’s sanitary area needs to be cleaned and trimmed as well as the rest of his body. If this fur is left long, it could harbor bacteria or become very unsightly. 

Your dog’s underbelly and sanitary areas will be trimmed and brushed carefully. You can add a feet and face trim shown here to a bath service in between groomings to extend your groom.

Trim Paw Pads

In addition to keeping your dog from slipping and sliding on slick surfaces, which can reduce confidence or result in injury, keeping paw pads trimmed reduces dirt and grime buildup, keeps paws clean, and prevents painful mats from forming.

Trimming the hair between your dog’s pads will go a long way in helping your pup not track so much of the unwanted outside elements into your home.

Hair Cut

Let one of our specialists give your pup the look and style they deserve. From the detailed scissor trimming to the more precise electric clipper areas, we know what it takes to make them look their best.

Professional dog groomers know how to judge a dog’s temperament and comfort level, and have the right equipment and experience to make the visit as painless as possible.

Small Dog Grooming Specialist

Additional Services

Upon Request



Our all-natural facial scrub pampers pets with beauty enhancing botanical formulas and helps to eliminate those stubborn stains around the eyes and mouth in light colored coats.

The gentle formula contains oatmeal and blueberry to remove stains without irritating eyes.



Regular teeth brushing prevents bad breath and prevents gingivitis diseases, helps remove plaque and tartar build-up, and helps keep your pups breath fresh and clean.

Good dental hygiene also eliminates the potential sources of infection to the mouth and other organs.



Grinding can get nails as short as possible and leave them super smooth! Some dogs prefer this method to clipping. It is less abrupt and gives a smoother and more precise end result.

Keeping your dogs nails trimmed not only looks better, it also helps keep them comfortable to walk on.



We use the highest quality CBD products on the market that help with symptoms of everything from skin irritations to anxiety.

Made of 100% organic hemp to ensure that no impurities are passed to you or your pet, and they work quickly to ensure you and your pet feel better in a hurry.



This luxurious conditioner for cats and dogs promotes hair sheen and capillary conditioning.

It contains a powerful blend of ginger, botanical moisturizers and warm vanilla help to repair the coat, as well as anti-static agents to help calm the hair and remove frizz.



The famous Dr. Lisa Lippman is on call for us while in your home. Learn more about her at

You can also receive your own house call vet care by

​If we see something odd she is available to us for consultation.

Small Dog Grooming Experts

Small dogs are our specialty! We have many years of experience in mobile grooming many different breeds, but these are some of the most common small dog breeds we groom. This is not an exhaustive list, just a few examples.

Toy Poodle

Toy poodles are smart, easily trainable, and sociable. They have a gentle disposition and do very well around other people and dogs. Toy Poodles adapt very well to their surroundings.


The spunky little Chihuahua—yes, this breed has become quite well known in New York City. Chihuahuas are easy to maintain dogs that can make great companions to any apartment owner.

Shih Tzu

Allergy friendly, low-shedding, and playful—How could you not love the little Shih Tzu! These daring pups are great for first-time owner’s seeking a pooch that does not shed a lot.


Sweet-natured at heart, the Maltese can truly be quite a loyal companion. These dogs can be very playful with their owner’s or family pets. However, they can be shy when meeting new friends.


Known for his playful, fun-loving demeanor the Yorkshire terrier has truly captivated the hearts of pet owners across NY! These little pups are very playful, and they love meeting people.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise are playful and sprightly, as well as small in build. They also don’t shed often, which makes them an allergy-friendly breed perfect for small dwellings in big cities.

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